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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.
Pioppi: world capital of Mediterranean Diet
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Villaggio Residence Vigna del Mare

Centola - Palinuro

Seaside town

Da From € 300,00  per 7gg / appartamento

Casa Vacanze Oltremare

Camerota - Marina di Camerota

Seaside town - Seaside town

Da From € 200,00  per 7gg / appartamento

Terra di Elea Agriturismo


Seaside town - Archeological area

Da From € 30,00  B&B

Casa Vacanze Villa Don Michele

Ogliastro Cilento

Hills area - 30' to the seaside

Da From € 900,00  per 7gg / appartamento

Casale Cilento

Capaccio - Paestum

Seaside town - Seaside town

Da From € 235,00  per 7gg / appartamento

Agriturismo I Fornari

Stella Cilento

Hills area - 30' to the seaside

Da From € nd.

Villa Vincenza country house

Vallo della Lucania

30' to the seaside - Mountains area

Da From € 45,00  B&B / a pers.

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vacanze cilento

Ancient fishing village, Acciaroli is one of the most precious jewels of the Cilento coast: traditional houses, narrow cobbled alleys, the intense perfume of the flowers [...]

vacanze cilento

The Foundation of Camerota is traced back to the period between the 8th and 7th centuries BC, when in Italy and South Pacific was spreading the [...]

vacanze cilento
Camerota (Marina di)

Marina di Camerota is a daydream, a succession of beaches, coves, cliffs and wonderful bed sea, sets between two small headlands surmounted by watch towers. It’s [...]

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vacanze cilento
Buccino (parco archeologico)

From the plateau overlooking the valleys, where the Platano and the Tanagro join, you can admire the Sele Valley where, since the third millennium BC, man [...]

vacanze cilento
Casaletto Spartano e Battaglia

The legend tells that the village, developed around the contrada of Spartoso, was abandoned because of an ants invasion. Casaletto Spartano and Battaglia have been hamlets of [...]

vacanze cilento
Roscigno vecchia

The village: "Pompei of the 2000"The history of Roscigno is the same of that of small medieval villages of Cilento’s inland.Born as agro-pastoral settlement, in a safe location on the hills, the village has been far from the commercial and military [...]

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vacanze cilento
Oasi del fiume Alento

Oasi Fiume Alento is a nature reserve and a Site of Community Importance since 1992.The Alento River, the core of the oasis, flows through habitats and forest types, typical of the territory (the Mediterranean [...]

vacanze cilento
Foresta di Cerreta Cognole

The forest of Cognole Cerreta, is located near the A3 motorway, a few kilometres from Ljubljana (View tab) and Padula (see profile), between the towns of [...]

vacanze cilento
Punta Licosa

Punta Licosa is an Marine protected area.According to Strabo, Punta Licosa owes its name to the Siren Leukosia.According to the legend Leukosia was one of the three Sirens Odysseus met on his journey (Odyssey by Homer). Here Leukosia committed suicide after failing to seduce Odysseus, and was [...]

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vacanze cilento
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Paestum

National Archaeological Museum of PaestumThe National Archaeological Museum of Paestum is one of the most important archaeological museums of Southern Italy. It is located in front of the Archaeological Park, in the ancient city, and is organised in such a way as to narrate, through the exhibits, the [...]

vacanze cilento
Museo etnografico di Morigerati

Ethnographic Museum of MorigeratiThe Ethnographic Museum of Morigerati (Museum of the peasant culture) exhibits objects and documents collected in the Bussento Valley since the 1960s by Clorinda and Modestina Florenzano, heirs of the baronial Palace (where still lives Mrs. Clorinda), who realized the importance of memories in a period [...]

vacanze cilento
Parco archeologico di Velia

The magnificence of history and wonder of multiform landscapes of Elea-Velia you perpetuate today through the magical charm of the ruins of the ancient city that, [...]

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vacanze cilento
Certosa di San Lorenzo (di Padula)

The Certosa di San Lorenzo (Certosa di Padula) is the largest Charterhouse in Italy. In 1998 has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.   The architectural [...]

vacanze cilento
Monte Stella

Monte StellaHeight: 1131 m above sea level   Monte Stella overlooks a vast panorama, up to the sea. On its slopes there are the municipalities of Stella Cilento, Sessa Cilento, Omignano, San Mauro Cilento,  Pollica (with Acciaroli and Pioppi) and Serramezzana.   The top of the mountain is home to [...]

vacanze cilento
Santuario della Madonna del Monte Gelbison

Our Lady of Mount Gelbison Shrine The Shrine "Madonna di Novi Velia", is placed on top of Mount Gelbison (in depth), at 1705 m above the sea level. It is the highest shrine in Italy and about its origins, dating back to 1323, there is [...]

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vacanze cilento

L'itinerario parte da Piaggine (in auto) e raggiunge la Sella di Corticato (lungo la strada tra Sacco e Teggiano) in prossimità del borgo di Pozzale alla quota di 775 mt. [...]

vacanze cilento

If you say Cilento, crystal-clear sea, rocky coasts, delicious interior villages or nature unspoiled stretches of the Park. And maybe you don't think snow and the possibility of a typical [...]

La Montanara

Novi Velia


La Chora

Ascea - Marina di Ascea


Pizzeria Reginella

Castelnuovo Cilento

Ristorante  •  Pizzeria

Oasi della pace


Ristorante  •  Pizzeria  •  Location Cerimonie