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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Sorgenti del Sammaro

The trail leading to the Gorges of the Sammaro’s source starts from the village of Sacco.
The road, after some hairpin bends, continues on the right side with a dirt road that ends at the mouth of an iron bridge. The bridge, placed right in the middle of the river, has a single pillar. Going on a wooden walkway, along which there are numerous boards showing typical flora and fauna, you will arrive at the Gorges of Sammaro (one of the karst phenomena typical of Cilento).


The source of the Sammaro River are situated on a concrete bridge about 150 m high on which passes the road which connects Roscigno (in depth) and Sacco in a fantastic landscape full of greenery and water.


The Sammaro comes from spring waters. The most spectacular point is the Jacopo Cave, between two rock walls overlooked by a lush vegetation. Here, in particular, two sources feed a small covered lake. The purity and lightness of these waters is legendary and the amazing beauty of this place is simply charming.