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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Badia di Santa Maria di Pattano

The badia of Pattano is the best preserved Italo-Albanian monastery of Southern Italy. The structure rises 2 km far from Vallo della Lucania. The earliest mention of the monastery has been found in a document of 993 A.D. about a territorial dispute presided at by hegumen Cosma. The importance given to the hegumen of Pattano testifies to the prestige of the monastery. It is supposed it was built up many years before that.


The Church of Santa Maria – the “katolikon”
The Church of Santa Maria is an important monument of the complex Badia di Pattano, because it is an example of the Angevin architecture; it is very similar to the Neapolitan church Santa Maria Donnaregina Vecchia: both the structures were part of a Byzantine monastery; besides both the churches has polygonal shaped apses with ribbed groin vaults.


The Bell Tower
It is among the most ancient and striking bell towers of the Early Middle Ages in Southern Italy. The structure has a square layout, rising to over 15 m in height. The tower was probably built up in several stages because it has five different decoration’s order. In any case, the tower’s decorations of the mullioned window and of the cornice1 that divides the different levels, makes it extremely interesting from an artistic point of view. The Bell Tower was probably a symbol of the monastery’s power as well as it had a religious purpose: it is thought that the small room at the lowest level of the structure kept the semantron (also called” xylon”) a percussion instrument used to summon the monacists to prayer or to start/stop working.


The Church of San Filadelfo
The jewel of Pattano is the chapel of San Filadelfo, near the monastery. The outside reminds of a manor farm. A big mulberry tree shadows the yard when it’s hot. In the surrounding area there are fields and the Badolato and the Alento flow. The interior walls are decorated with beautiful frescoes. The church was established by Italo-Albanian monks who built it up on the remains of Roman buildings (as the walls of the thermal structure, visible underneath the glass floor, testify to). The structure has been renovated several times and, unfortunately, it has been damaged especially after it became a commandry in 15th century.



The statue of San Filadelfo
In the chapel a mysterious wood statue, dating back to the Early Middle Ages, has been found. Today it is kept in the Diocesan Museum in Vallo della Lucania (in depth).


Guided visits to the Badia are available by reservation only. To be arranged at least one day before.
Phone: +39 328.8058951

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