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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Magliano Vetere, Capizzo e Magliano Nuovo

Magliano Vetere
Starting from Corso Umberto you will see the Church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta behind the town hall, and, on the left, the Museum of Paleontology. Going on, beyond the church, there is Lombardi Palace, once a property of Pasquale Lombardi, doctor and poet.


The EcoMuseum and Visitor Centre of Magliano has its seats in the small hamlet named Capizzo: it is a structure where you can find tourist information whereas, in the immersive room, you will admire the beautiful landscapes of Cilento.
You can “meet” Michele Morra (one of the volunteers of the Expedition of the Thousand, led by Giuseppe Garibaldi), your digital guide to Magliano through history, places and traditions.
Walking in the small village you will arrive at the Church of San Fortunato (Saint Furtunatus) of the 15th century, and you can admire the two portals of Palazzo Morra of the 18th century.


Path of the rocky Chapels
Capizzo is the starting point of the itineraries leading to two small shrines known as San Mauro’s Shrine, built near the rocks (whose stone portal is wonderful as much as the frescoes of its interior) and Santa Lucia Shrine, on the trail to Rupe della Noce (Walnut’s rock).



Magliano nuovo
It is a medieval village built on a rocky ridge. The walk begins in the village’s terrace, a panoramic point overlooking the valley and the Calore Gorges (in depth). Entering the town you will see the church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta that has some interesting frescoed chapels, a wood statue of Santa Irene (by Domenico di Venuta) and an ancient baptismal font.
In the town centre you will find Trotta Palace and Pasca Palace whereas, going along the town walls, you will arrive at the remains of a Gaifo (a Langobard entry portal to the town).


At the feet of the rocky ridge there is Preta Perciata: the ancient natural gate between the Calore and the Alento valleys that, in the year 1000, allowed to reach the Velia’s sea and the inland.

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