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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Moio della Civitella e Pellare

The excavations of Civitella revealed terracing walls composed of large square blocks, fragments of tiles, vases, an arched door and several foundations dating back to the 4th century BC
The elements emerged suggest a fortified centre with control functions on the valley towards Velia and the sea. Ceramic fragments dating from the late 6th century BC have been found; but probably in the middle of the 4th century BC started the building of a mighty fortified wall, divided into two circuits around the Hill on three sides; the north side is naturally defended by the rock cliff.


Of the several doors that allowed access to the village, the one on the southern side is the best preserved. The door has a complex defensive system and consists of a long, narrow hallway that leads to a rectangular space which shrinks leading to the real entrance closed by a wooden door (whose hinges remained cut in stone and there are also trace of the door). On the central plateau is the small cluster of houses, of which little is known about the plan and the organization of the rooms.
Another, more complex structure has been found and, due to the presence of a votive deposit, it could be a cultural building.


Museum of the peasant culture
Made with the support and financial assistance of the municipality of Moio, the Museum is the result of an interesting didactic project of the primary school of Moio-Pellare. The Museum is a large, almost complete exhibition of the rural culture.



Mojoca – festival of street artists

Mojoca Street Artists Festival is the brainchild of current President Giovanni Bertone. It takes place in the historic centre of Moio della Civitella. The ancient town is transformed into a lively and colorful open-air theater where acrobats, jugglers, musicians, clowns, give their performances in the streets, alleys and squares from 9 pm to 2 am.
 Music, big circus performances, stunning acrobatic evolutions, refined performance, colors and passion merge in the great breath of the street art. 
The term Mojoca is a pun with the words "Moio” and “joca” (dialectal verb meaning “to play”) that together become the imperative: play! , enjoy!
 Until 2 am there are 23 performances at the same time.



ReWine-Wine Festival

Pellare will turn into the realm of taste, flavours and perfumes, traditions where everyone will have fun, where friends meet to eat, dance and drink together!
The "red wines" of the hillside came back starring in two days dedicated to the precious fruit of the local grapes, in a festival taking place in the historic center of the town.
Main characters will also be many tasty dishes and typical product:  foglie e patate, fusilli, fried pizza, lamb and wild boar meat, which you can enjoy between the alleys and squares of the charming village. An opportunity to appreciate history, culture, local traditions, hospitality and gastronomy of Pellare and of Cilento.


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