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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Santuario del Getsemani

Shrine of Gethsemani
The shrine of Getsemani in Paestum is one of the earlier religious architectures of Capaccio.


Since 1998 it is owned by Provincia Santa Famiglia degli Oblati di san Giuseppe (, founded by San Giuseppe Marello in 1878. The Getsemani of Paestum is an idea of Prof. Luigi Gedda (President of Catholic action between 1946 and 1959) and was built between 1956 and 1959 (project by Ildo Avetta).


Address: Via Getsemani 6
84047 Capaccio SA
Phone and Fax +390828723546/+390828725019

This church was built in honour of Jesus praying in the garden of olives. Inside there is a statue representing the son of God knelt and in agony at the foot of Mount Calpazio, located near Capaccio. The shrine was built on two levels: the upper church is surmounted by a stained-glass dome. In the lower church is kept the charming marble statue of Jesus in prayer in Gethsemane and you can admire on the walls some ceramics, representing several Saints worshipped in southern Italy.


The whole complex is located in a park from where develop the route of the Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) and the Rosary; there is also a modern stone amphitheatre. In front of the shrine is the bronze statue of our Lady of the Moon, set here in 1970, shortly after the first landing on the moon.


In addition to the crypt where is placed the statue of Christ, you can admire the Virgin of the Assumption (five meters tall) and the Lamb slain, placed above the main altar. This shrine is in a strategic location with a magnificent view overlooking the plain of the Sele and the Gulf of Salerno.


Every year many faithful come to the site to pray, especially on the evening of Good Friday when a solemn procession takes place.

The complex is located on the slopes of Mount Calpazio, at the edge of the National Park of Cilento, 100 m above the sea level.


It is only 7 km from the famous Paestum Archaeological Park. Farther south you can visit the archaeological site of Elea-Velia, ancient seat of the Eleatics; then Capo Palinuro and other charming places. Inland you can make beautiful excursions in the Park and get to wonderful places surrounded by greenery, castles and villages rich in history. At only 16 km you will find the Castelcivita Caves.


It overlooks the entire plain of the Sele, famous for vegetables and for the production of Buffalo mozzarella. Landscape extends towards the sea from the Gulf of Agropoli to Salerno, to the Amalfi coast and Capri. It is 70 km from Pompei and the same from the Caves of Pertosa, whereas the Charterhouse of Padula is 90 km far. It is connected to Naples by Railway, with a train every hour.