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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Cicerale e Montecicerale

Cicerale is a farm village  of the lower Cilento, located on the right side of the upper Valley of the river Alento, on a spur of Mount San Leo (667 m). From this location you can enjoy a wonderful panorama over the Valley of the Alento.

Monte Cicerale is an hamlet with a characteristic old town centre, typical of the medieval villages of Cilento. In summer it offers pageant and events, often dedicated to local cuisine.


Chickpea of  Cicerale-Slow Food Presidium
The name Cicerale and the coat of arms of this town testify to the  production of chickpea since the Middle Ages: "terra quae cicera alit" (land that feeds the chickpeas) reads the country's coat of arms, depicting a chickpea plant intertwine to a true grass plant. Today, in the fields of Cicerale a local variety of chickpeas grows: small, slightly more golden in colour than the common variety with an intense flavour.
They are grown without the use of chemicals or irrigation. The harvest, in late July, is very difficult. Traditionally, when the seeds are ripe, the plants are pulled up, laid on jute sacks, covered and beaten with large wooden sticks. Today most of producers don’t follow this process but prefer using a thresher.

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