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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Oasi del fiume Alento

Oasi Fiume Alento is a nature reserve and a Site of Community Importance since 1992.
The Alento River, the core of the oasis, flows through habitats and forest types, typical of the territory (the Mediterranean scrub, gallery forest and  forest of broadleaf trees). Inhabited by threatened species as the Otter, the OASIS is a paradise to protect.
 The dam represents the perfect balance between engineering and  environment. The reservoir has a storage capacity of over 26 million cubic metre of water: a strategic supply important for the whole territory. It is not uncommon here to see many species of birds such as herons (Ardea cinerea) , white-throated dippers (Cinclus cinclus), rock partridge (Alectoris graeca).


The Oasis offers hiking, trekking, bird watching,  horse-riding lessons, archery, fishing and boating. It is equipped with picnic area (with a bar, a restaurant, and a children's play area), crossed by a network of paths, tidy ,with viewpoints for bird-watching. The OASIS is in a strategic point, equidistant from the two main archaeological parks of the area: Paestum and  Elea-Velia.

The seven small artificial ponds are among the most important environmental requalification interventions carried out: with a depth ranging from a few centimetres to a metre and a half, they are fed, if necessary, with the water of the reservoir through underground pipes. This semi-humid area, rich in aquatic vegetation, offers a refuge to local avifauna.


Today, the Oasi Fiume Alento is surrounded by several types of vegetation: the Mediterranean scrub (Holm oak, olive and shrubs such as mastic, myrtle and phillyrea), forest of deciduous trees (mainly oak, downey oak, Italian Alder) and, along the river, the gallery forest with red and white willow, poplar and black alder. This diversity of habitats has allowed the settlement of different animal species: (big ungulates, foxes and birds).


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