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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.


On a plateau set 278 m above sea level, lies the magnificent town of Castellabate, gradually developed around the Castle of the Abbot, in 1123. With the building of the Castle (proposed by Abbot Saint Costabile Gentilcore) Castellabate knew, between 11th and 15th centuries, a period of great splendour, becoming the most important fief of Cilento.


The old town still keeps the typical medieval citadel look, with noble residences dating back to the 17th century: in particular Perrotta and Iaquinto palaces that worth a visit for the great amount of works of art they keep inside. Jewel of the town is the Church of Santa Maria de Gulia, erected in the 12th century and become Papal Basilica in 1988.


 The town is famous all over Italy thanks to the movies “Benvenuti al Sud” (2009) and “Benvenuti al Nord” (2012) by Luca Miniero.


Hamlet “Lago”, in the municipality of Castellabate, has always been among the favorite destinations of Castellabate. White sand, cliffs overlooking the sea (Punta Tresino), crystal clear waters and wonderful sea beds make this area a little spot of paradise. Lago is particularly suitable for families due to excellent facilities, equipped beaches and parks for children.



We recommend you to visit the spectacular Punta Tresino: an area rich in Mediterranean vegetation, still uncontaminated and excellent for trekking. In addition Lago is full of bars, restaurants, apartments for rent; it also has an outdoor cinema for summer evenings.