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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Casa Museo di Josè Ortega

House Museum of José Ortega
In Bosco, a tiny hamlet of the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro, at the foot of  Mount Bulgheria, the Spanish painter José Ortega decided to spend the last twenty years of his life: a pupil of Picasso, an exile by choice and an anti-fascist, who fought in the name of freedom. After purchasing a plot here, he designed and built his own home-studio: a pinch of Moorish atmosphere among the mountains of Cilento.


The Museum, named after him, is not in his house, but in a building site in Piazza Santa Rosalia. The exhibition, arranged on three floors, goes back over the thought and the art of the pintor. On the first floor the “social mission” of Ortega through the “Decalogo della democrazia”: ten lithographs about the continuous pursuit of freedom of thought and action, the exaltation of democracy and the negation of dictatorship. On the other two floors you can admire ten papier-mâché panels about the drama of a civil war. According to Ortega "art is not a hobby, but it needs moral law, ethical order": his work is a constant invitation to civil commitment.


The artist decided to settle in Bosco because the peasant village was similar to that he of his childhood and the inhabitants - poor, with their face darkened and hardened by the Sun – recalled him about his people. Moreover, the history of Bosco – made by rebels  - and the life of the pintor were intertwines: he fought the dictatorship of Franco since he was fifteen, paying it with the prison and the exile.
Both Ortega and Bosco, struggled bravely and heroically for the affirmation of its ideals. From Bosco, on June 1828, started the first Cilento revolt, violently repressed: the village was burned by the Bourbon, razed to the ground and removed  from the register of municipalities. A murals painted by Ortega, located at the entrance to the hamlet, was inspired by that tragic event. Everyone knows it as the "Guernica of Cilento”.
(Giovanni Tripari)


Entry ticket € 2 ; free for disabled people, children under 7 and adults over 65, journalist.
Cheap ticket € 1 for students.

Open times
It opens by reservation during winter.
15 June- 15 September every day 4.30 – 7.30 pm.
Info –Phone +390974983007/+393204795743