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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.


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The small town is a seaside tourist destination of about 300 inhabitants, perfect for those who want to spend a peaceful holiday, swim in clean water and make children amuse in a healthy place. Pioppi offers a rocky beach that stretches for the entire length of the town. Ideal for relaxation, go boating and diving into a sea awarded the FEE’s "blue flag" and the "5 Sails"of Legambiente.


Pioppi welcomed important and distinguished guests, such as physiologists Ancel Keys and Martti Karvonen and cardiologist Jeremiah Stamler, who carried out research into interaction between diet and cardiovascular disease. Ancel Keys has lived in Pioppi for 40 years to study the dietary habits of the inhabitants. He is unanimously recognised as the theorist of the Mediterranean diet. 
Pioppi also boasts a mention in the works of such writers as the English traveller John Arthur Strutt ("Passando per il Cilento", 1831) and Giuseppe Ungaretti ("Viaggio al Sud").



Palazzo Vinciprova
In the town centre, overlooking the sea, is located the ancient Palazzo Vinciprova. It was built in the years when the Ripolo, a family of merchants from Catalonia, settled in Pollica under the Aragonese domain over Naples.
Raised in wealth, the Ripolo collided with another Spanish family, the Cortiglia,
on the dominion over Pollica to the detriment of local families: the Volpe, the Farina and the Cantarella. Such rivalries and revenge scourged the town for years.

"The Castle", today called Palazzo Vinciprova, looks like a strong and harmonious structure, made up of three parts: a central building and two side towers with arabesque battlements. The façade on the seafront has a marvellous porch with a splendid roof terrace above.


At present the castle houses the MUSEA- Living Sea Museum

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