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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.


Hamlet of Perdifumo, whose territory extends up to the north-western slopes of Mount Stella and characterized by a rugged hilly terrain with an altitude of 440 m.


The Giambattista Vico Foundation and the Vichiano Museum
The Foundation was established in 1999 by Elena Croce and thanks to the passionate commitment of Vincenzo Pepe, Gerardo Marotta and Alfonso Andria. It promotes a series of events, as gathering place for people and institutions sharing the aim to give back the figure of the contemporary philosopher Vico to Europe, to Italy and to his town. The foundation has recently dedicated to the restoration of the De Vargas Machuca Castle of Vatolla that nowadays holds seminars, lectures and exhibitions. This is exactly the castle where, at the end of 1600, the young Vico elaborated his philosophical thought. It became a destination of cultural tourism and it currently hosts the Vichiano Museum and The Library of Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park which has got over 20,000 specialized volumes about environmental culture, philosophy and history.


The Foundation has recently sponsored, among other events, masters, theatre, classical music concerts, involving Italian and foreign Universities; it has also established the annual “Giambattista Vico” International Award, which is intended for cultured personality or for Vico’s scholars.


The watermill of Vatolla, purchased by Giambattista Vico Foundation in 1999, was built on an existing structure of the Middle Ages. The Foundation proposed the creation of an eco-museum and the watermill’s productive cycle restoration. The mill has been recovered thanks to the EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) 2007-2013. It is currently in preparation, for any visits please turn to the headquarters of the G.B.Vico Foundation.


The Angel’s flight is the sacred drama Anghelos & Daimonin performed in Vatolla during the celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Graces on August 15th: the struggle between Good (a child playing the part of an Angel), and Evil (an adult dressed up as Satan). The tradition has unknown origins. The way the two actors play is very interesting: a pompous Baroque style.


Vatolla’s onion
The onion of Vatolla is a real niche product: a variety intensely used, even today, in the horticulture area. It is produced by a few small farmers, according to instructions handed down from the past. Top-shaped or tapering, it is very sweet with a delicate fragrance. The sweetness of the onion makes it unique. It is extremely popular for its high digestibility and because it doesn’t make your eyes water! It is perfect in salads and omelets and it is traditionally used to make a delicious soup.


Fondazione Giambattista Vico
Phone: 0974845549


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