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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Baia (o porto) degli Infreschi

Natural harbour, nationally and internationally renowned tourist attraction and pride of the Cilento coast, Porto Infreschi is the best destination of boat excursions from Marina di Camerota. Its name comes from the freezing waters of a spring that mix with seawater; it is a natural shelter, protected from all winds, often used in the past by fishermen as a refuge.
A tiny Greek-style church is visited every year on August 15th by pilgrims in a marine procession. On the rocky shores of the bay grows plentifully the Primula Palinuri.

In Roman age its name was “Anphorisca”, because here was extract the clay for the manufacture of clay products, still popular today. It became “Anfresca” in the 17th century then “Infreschi”. This place is also referred to as the ancient city of Pixus. In 1600s it became property of the Marquis of Camerata (who ordered the building of an olive-press with a tavern and a warehouse).


The Tuna-fishing nets of Infreschi
In the last century Porto Infreschi housed a netting fence to catch tuna, completely ruined now. The ancestor of tuna as we know it today has been famous throughout the Mediterranean, since the Palaeolithic. The Mycenaean (during the second half of the second millennium BC) were skilled fishermen that used to build tuna-fishing nets on the routes of migrating fish.


Trekking trail
The trail starts near Lentiscelle’s cave, in which is kept a boat that crossed the Ocean during the end of 1800. The path, in the first leg, is surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub; after walking along a short stretch of road, you must take a dirt track that leads to the Cove of Pozzallo. After you pass a small dry valley, take a short climb and you will reach "Cala Bianca", voted “the most beautiful beach of Italy”. The trail, after passing another valley, starts to climb, protected by the shade of Mediterranean scrub and olive trees. When you arrive on the hill a short descent, leading to the natural Infreschi harbour, begins. The small bay has a distinctive feature: spring water flowing into the sea. Besides, you can admire the Primula palinuri, an endemism also symbol of Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. Return trip can take place by boat, towards Marina di Camerota, or by using the same path.



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