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Enjoy your holidays in wonderful South Italy: Cilento National Park.

Nel Cilento con ciaspole e sci: il Monte Cervati e la Festa della Neve

Suggested months: From December to March. Celebration in February.

If you say Cilento, crystal-clear sea, rocky coasts, delicious interior villages or nature unspoiled stretches of the Park. And maybe you don't think snow and the possibility of a typical Alpine tourism. But in winter the Cilento unexpectedly also offers this opportunity. Thanks to Monte Cervati, in cold months, almost constantly and viable paths snow with the necessary equipment and precautions along the hills and Plains of this extended mountain massif.


In the territories of the municipalities of Sanza or Piaggine (with departures from Valle dell'angelo and Rofrano), in particular, wearing Snowshoes and cross-country skis, it is possible to live this territory also from this point of view: crossing hiking trails on white sheets. And if we talk about snow to enjoy in the Cilento, the concept is reflected especially in the Festa della Neve. The event, organized by the Association "Confused but Happy" with the municipality of Piaggine, which grows on Mount Cervati, during every weekend of the months of February and March.


Now this year's Eleventh Edition, the event offers all lovers of snow several possibilities. Walking with cross-country skis and snowshoes and accompanied by guide Aigae, snowmobiling. Also, if you combine the taste of a meal at high altitude, at the Sanctuary of Monte Cervati, located approximately 1700 meters of altitude. Retreat that is the culmination of snowmobile trips as well as walking with cross-country skis or snowshoes. They also like the so-called route "Wolf Track" or to the "Gypsies".


And always the area of Monte Cervati is the scene of another possible excursion from pushing forward with snowshoes or skis. That along the Valley of the Gigantini, a Karst Valley on the slopes of Mount Cima di Mercori. With a departure from 1300 metres of Campolongo to arrive through a sumptuous 1600 m, beech forest in the Valley of Gigantini, in which calcareous blocks you can seize ancient fossil evidence.



Municipality Piaggine: 339.4866170
Pro Loco "Caul": 388.4745405
Association "Confusimafelici": 339.2823021




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